About Us

 We are two moms that have children with food allergies.  We both struggled to understand the allergy our child faced, and recognized the great need for additional resources. To support this need, we have created a fun and interactive gaming app to teach kids and adults about specific food allergies. We have also created this blog where we want to share tips, tricks and educational tools to help you and your family navigate food allergies in a fun and interactive way.

Megan is chef and mother of two.  She did her culinary training in Italy and owns a catering and personal chef business.  She has been a restaurant consultant; opening up restaurants around the country and a recipe developer.  Her most favorite job is being a culinary teacher; which she has worked in numerous schools and cooking stores teaching children and adults. While nursing her first son, she discovered through trial and error that he had a dairy allergy.  She went dairy free and now she is passionate about developing recipes for specific food allergies and making allergy free cooking easier and delicious.


Coral is a mother of four and is a sonographer by trade. She has two children with food allergies and one with celiacs disease.  After finding so much negativity online and on social media, she created Serving Celiacs which educated and helps people with celiac disease.  She is on the Patient Advocate Board of the National Celiac Disease Foundation and is passionate about changing the stigma and negative attitudes towards people with food allergies and celiacs disease.


We hope you find our blog helpful and useful and we can’t wait for you to play our exciting App!  We want to get to know you so comment and let chat!