Celiac Diagnosis… What Next???

Need to feel inspired? Living with food allergies, intolerances and celiac disease can be an isolating and discouraging reality. It was for us, for quite a while. When my daughter was first diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I didn’t even know where to start. There was so much to learn about and implement that I was completely lost.

I did what most of you do, search the internet, joins social media groups and try to stay clear of negativity… cause lets face it… nobody’s got time for that!


When my mind wouldn’t let me rest, I would find myself getting lost in my research at wee hours of the night.

Knowledge IS Power! I knew that what I was learning from all of these different resources were amazing and I needed to start implementing. I had to make baby steps… some can go all out from the start… but I knew for me and my sanity that I needed to start small and find my groove. So that is what I did.

A few months after my little 2 year old was diagnosed, I decided to create an Instagram account to put resources and hope out for the world to see. I started what was then called Serving Celiacs.

IMG_4219Serving Celiacs helped me to be better, to learn truths, find clarity and reach out to others that are in similar situations. It was a wonderful opportunity for me and led me to linking up with Chef Megan to hold cooking classes for those that are primarily gluten free.

What a fun and exciting adventure that was! And after one of our classes we chatted it out and realized that we need to help more people out… more people than just gluten free eaters. We need to help all those with food restricted diets.


So we merged and created Allergy Reality! We have social media sites, an educational gaming app, and our latest adventure is our YouTube Channel, Allergy Reality. Where we have Chef Megan doing what she does best ‘COOKING’ and what is so passionate to me, Allergy Reality Inspiration!  Go check us out… Like… Subscribe…Share!

IMG_4099I share my stories and thoughts with the world to help spread awareness in a positive and REAL way. We also get to hear from others and how they have found their groove. We are all in this together and I am so excited to h from YOU!!!

We all need to speak out and unite!




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