Affordable Allergy Test…Results are in!

Affordable Allergy Test is an amazing company that we have grown to LOVE!  Submit a few strands of hair and they test allergies for 300 food items and 300 non-food items!  This company all started by a mom who was desperate to get to the bottom of her own children’s allergies.

We have teamed up with them and are offering $10 off your kit with promo code: ALLERGYREALITY

Here is what you will find on the website!  Go check it out and get your kit today!


Choose Test Result Online

Step 1

Choose from our range of tests to suit your needs and order it online.

Complete Test Submission Form Online

Step 2

We’ll email you a test submission form to complete and post back.

Take Hair Sample, & Post

Step 3

Take a hair sample and post it back,  as instructed on submission form.

Get Report Within 7 Working Days

Step 4

Receive your comprehensive test report by email in 10-14 working days.


The Allergy Testing Group provides a simple test allergy sufferers can use to identify the source of the allergy symptoms. Finding the source of allergy symptoms allows someone to make diet, environment and lifestyle changes to reduce symptoms. Before it is possible to alleviate the severeness of allergy symptoms, it is first necessary to understand what the catalyst(s) of the symptoms are.

The non-invasive test uses the latest allergy diagnostic technology. Testing only a single, small hair sample, Intolerance Testing Group provides results within 10-14 days following the sample’s arrival at the lab. Allergy Testing Group’s is the least invasive, most comprehensive test on the market today. There simply is not another test that makes it faster, easier, nor provides a more complete diagnosis.

Allergy Testing Group’s lab results are provided in an extensive, easy-to-understand report. While the report is intensive and comprehensive, it is divided into short, easily manageable sections that allow users to understand what catalysts are producing their allergy symptoms and to what degree.

Testing from a hair sample is sufficient to make positive and negative matches against over 600 items including food products and by-products including: wheat, gluten, dairy, lactose and nuts in addition to non-food items, pollen and dust mites, for example. While there is a chance the agent causing a person’s allergies are not included in the base list of 600 items, it is the most comprehensive list of any test on the U.S. market today.



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