Ulcerative Colitis: Testimonial of Allergy Reality

Three years ago we received some pretty bleak news; my 11 year old son, Tanner, was diagnosed with a severe case of Ulcerative colitis– a chronic, incurable inflammatory bowel disease.

What? We ate mostly whole foods, he was on a competitive gymnastics team, and our family lived a basically healthy lifestyle. How did this happen? Well, it did and as his mother I was determined to help my son. Not wanting to fill my child with prescription medicines, I looked into nutrition. I found a diet that helped many people with similar diseases. It is called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and cuts out a wide variety of carbohydrates. We learned as we started cutting grains, starches, certain sugars, most dairy, and soy, Tanner’s symptoms dramatically decreased.

He had “legal” foods that helped his body to heal and “illegal” foods that caused problems. This was a huge change for our family as we started eating and cooking differently. It took a lot of adjustment at first. Basically everything I knew about cooking and baking was thrown out the window as I learned to use only fresh, whole, specific ingredients, nothing from a box or can.

Going out to eat? That became almost impossible for a while until we found a few things that most restaurants could safely make for him. I had to be educated on how to help him, and it became easier for Tanner as he learned why he needed to eat this way. When he knew how the “illegal” foods hurt his body, he lost interest in eating them and helped me get a little more creative in the kitchen with his “legal” foods.

It can still be a struggle as we are learning his food intolerances are always changing. Living with, or caring for someone, with multiple food intolerances can be challenging. But, having an app that is fun and teaches what foods to watch out for is so very helpful. I am grateful for the Allergy Reality App to help us deal with the many food intolerances we work around as we strive to keep Tanner healthy!IMG_8065


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